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Dear friends and family,

A few weeks ago, April and I sent out a letter and postcard that talked about our heart for children, adoption, Ethiopia, and serving the Lord through adoption. We briefly mentioned the costs, and it may have been as much a shock to you as it was to us. After all, $33,000 is a lot more than most of us have to spend even on important things. I found that it helped me to put this number in perspective to our everyday lives.


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average four-person household in America (I’ll use this household size throughout for simplicity) spends $65,597 per year. Of course, most of that is on good and essential things. But two numbers stood out to me: entertainment ($3,416) and cash contributions ($1,468). And the cash contributions category, according to the BLS, includes “alimony and child support payments; care of students away from home; and contributions to religious, educational, charitable, or political organizations.”
What do those numbers have to do with adoption? Consider this: if 100 of those typical families gave the equivalent of just one month’s worth of entertainment spending, an entire adoption could be funded, start to finish. If twenty of those typical families committed to cut their entertainment budgets in half, an adoption could be funded every year, or a small church could hire a new full-time pastor, or an aspiring missionary could go to seminary, or several local missionaries in third world countries could give their full attention to reaching and serving the lost. All from small sacrifices to our daily lives. Can we even imagine what thousands of kingdom-seeking disciples could do with what we’ve been given, if those two dollar amounts I mentioned – entertainment and contributions – were reversed?
Part of this adoption process for me has been opening my eyes to just how much God has given me and the people I know. And I for one use so little of it for His kingdom. I want that to change, and if you’re in that boat with me, I hope you want to change as well. God doesn’t need you in order for us to adopt. He doesn’t need April and I in order to show His love to orphans. But He’s invited us, and He uses us, in ways we don’t even know, to accomplish His good purpose.
All of that to say, we are inviting you to be a part of this process with us.  We need you to pray.  We need you to give and share with others our heart for orphans.  There are a few ways to give, including the DONATE button on the right-hand side of the blog.  We are opening an Etsy shop in a few days with amazing, handmade items made by friends of ours, and everything you purchase will go towards our adoption.  We will do many other fundraisers, and also apply for grants and scholarships (all of these have to happen AFTER our home study is complete).  

Thank you for partnering with us, praying with us, and believing in God’s plan for orphans to receive forever families.  We pray that our home will always be open to children who need a family to love and take care of them.

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  1. Amazing info and inspiring insight and dedication to this worthy cause. Bless you guys. you will have that child sooner or later in one way or another and how blessed that child will be!! -Rad

  2. Wonderful blog Kevin..You and April will be blessed and your child/children will be blessed to enter such a loving home full of Faith, Family, Food, Fun, Fellowship and a Fabulous Future. We love this child already!

    Jennifer and Johnny
    Lola and Grumps

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