Fostering Children

Everything about being a foster parent terrifies me and excites me, and both of those emotions assure me that this is what God has for us right now.

If you have followed me on Facebook at all, you know that The Engineer and I have been through the Foster Parent training classes for the state of Georgia. We completed them in March 2014. It has been a long process, but hoping to be approved at some point this summer to be official foster parents.

We always talked about fostering. We want our home to be open to anyone, everyone, all the people, anytime. But, I think we thought we would foster later in life, you know, after we had a few children biologically. Since that has taken longer than planned (Ha! Our plans! God is so much bigger than our plans!), we thought we would adopt. And you all know that story, and if you don’t, well it’s here and here. And then we started reading more about fostering, like this book by Dr. John DeGarmo. We said YES to fostering in January of this year. We obviously have no idea what we are doing!

So, we are continuing to read, pray, figure out what we are supposed to do, and wait. We wait because the system is slow, overworked, underpaid, and exhausted. We wait because that is what our life is like right now….a lot of waiting. But it is often in the waiting that we come to know God more, what He is truly like, and how He is working on our behalf even if it does not feel like it. We are trusting that He will build our family the way He wants it to be. We are hoping that we receive children and will be able to adopt them, eventually. We understand the system a little more than we did 4 months ago and made some new friends. And we know that in the end, if children come into our home even for a day that they were meant to be here and meant to be in our lives.

We know God is opening our hearts to receive many children who have never known love or safety and that we will get to provide that for them. We are beyond hopeful that they would come to know Jesus by being in our home. But overall, we just want them to know they are cared for, loved and safe. Even if they go back home or to another relative or foster family, we will love them no matter what the circumstance or outcome. That is what we are called to do. That is what we will do. Because of His love for us, we are able to love. And we will give away His love as much as we can. No matter what.

So, this Mother’s Day, even though I do not have children, I know God is making a way. Even when it hurts beyond hurt that I am not a mother just yet, I am trusting in His promises and His plan. I will be a mom one of these days. I am thankful for the 16 children I have been able to teach this year and the place in my heart that they are in. I have been where God needed/wanted me to be this year and I am so thankful. He placed me in a good school with children and families that are amazing, supportive and loving.

He has a plan for ALL THE THINGS and I am thankful.

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  1. You're going to be such a great mother. I'm so sorry for the hurt you are feeling this mother's day; you are always on my heart and I am waiting with bated breath to hear a little one is coming into your home (at last, at last!) I love this blog post about the safety and love— you are going to be a calm place to children who feel like they've been suffering through the storms of life- tossed about by waves, trying to find shelter from the rain. With God, you are going to have the opportunity to mend hearts and help children grow into loving and caring adults instead of hurting people. Praying praying praying for you dear! If you ever want to get together let me know 🙂

    Jessica Smith

  2. How exciting! I'm so impressed that you're taking this step… fostering is pretty much the ultimate fear factor after infertility and loss. Even in a foster to adopt scenario, we obviously know it doesn't always work out. I'm hoping that the Lord will bless you both richly for this obedient and bold step of faith.

    Abiding with you this Mother's Day.

  3. Thank you both so much for your sweet comments. God is good to us and we are hopeful that 2014 will be a great year. Blessings!

  4. April! I will be following your journey, as we want to foster and foster to adopt at some point. We became friends with an amazing family in soflo and God has been building their family through fostering. They have had such an impact on the children and and their families that have come through their home, truly being used as ministers of reconciliation turning hearts of fathers and mothers back to their children and hearts of the children back to their fathers. They've adopted one daughter thus far and are in the process of adopting a brother and sister. They've had the hard and heartache for sure but being around them and seeing them with the kids in their care, well, Jesus was just all over that. Blessings, grace, and wisdom to you as y'all walk down this path!

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